Life is a series of ups and downs, at times you are on a successful journey while other times things just do not seem to be going the right way.

With innovation comes competition

With innovation comes competition and if one just ends up sulking after putting their foot in their mouth then they would never be able to move forward in life. Here are some of the sayings of the ex’s of Big Corporations, who after facing such tragic situations managed to minimize disruptive threats when they had appeared.


Apple was the first company to launch a smartphone that it did in 2007. At first, it seemed to many a ridiculous idea as to how such a device could ever outrun a PC in the consumer market.  It is a known fact that with innovation comes conflicts, let us see what the CEO’s had to say about this innovation.
According to Palms CEO:

“We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone … PC guys are not going to just figure this out,” said then-Palm CEO Ed Colligan in 2006, after news that Apple was developing a phone. “They’re not going to just walk in.”

While the Microsoft CEO took it as:

“500 dollars? Fully subsidized? With a plan? I said that is the most expensive phone in the world. And it doesn’t appeal to business customers because it doesn’t have a keyboard. Which makes it not a very good email machine.”

And the most peculiar thing was the fact that even when Steve Jobs launched the iPhone series he could not comprehend any innovation beyond what he had already created, as he had stated when Google and Samsung released android phones larger than the iPhone:

“You can’t get your hand around it,” Jobs said when Samsung and Google came out with phones larger than the 3.5” original iPhone. “No one’s going to buy that.”

But he was definitely wrong because people did end up purchasing them. And Now the iPhone X series is an inch larger than the original series had been.

But the thing that really matters is how the matter is dealt with in the end.


Netflix basically became a threat to Blockbuster and HBO when it announced that it would be broadcasting television as well, which was yet again laughed off by the fellow competitors, with Blockbusters CEO saying that:

“Neither Redbox nor Netflix are even on the radar screen in terms of competition,” said Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes, speaking to the Motley Fool in 2008. “It’s more Wal-Mart and Apple.”

While HBO’s CEO pointing out the fact that Netflix is not even a worthy competitor had said:

“I think of Netflix kind of as the Walmart of [subscription video on demand], HBO is kind of Tiffany’s,” Stephenson said. “It’s a very premium, high-end brand for premium content.”

Later on, critics pointed out the fact that Walmart is, in fact, more a successful business as compared to Tiffany’s, but we still await the results of such fierce competition.


As with all the other innovations, some people found it odd to possess a watch that would keep track of all their personal data in them, it made them feel less comfortable with it. Hence other watch companies believed the idea would be shot down soon as Swatch executive Nick Hayek Jr. said:

“The Apple watch is an interesting toy, but not a revolution,” said Swatch executive Nick Hayek Jr., speaking to a Swiss newspaper.”

He further implied that:

“I personally don’t want my blood pressure and blood sugar values stored in the cloud, or on servers in Silicon Valley … I cannot accept the responsibility of whether my device warns a customer in time before a heart attack.”


The most common criticism on Bitcoin is the fact that it is not governed by anyone. Hence it provides no warranty to the owner if it ever declines.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon plainly explained that:

“This is my personal opinion, there will be no real, non-controlled currency in the world,” said Dimon. “There is no government that’s going to put up with it for long … there will be no currency that gets around government controls.”

It is yet unknown how the future of Bitcoins will unfold itself, but major company CEO’s have put their bets that it would flop soon, but only time can tell the truth.

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