Software development studies and programs available in Turkey higher education system.

Nearly 200 universities

Turkey has nearly 200 universities: 104 public universities (Devlet Universiteleri), with enrolment of 5.5 million students, and 72 private foundation universities (Ozel / Vakif Universiteleri) with 360,000 students. Both public and private universities in Turkey conform to the Bologna Agreement, which standardizes degree programs across Europe. Many universities in Turkey offer IT studies.

Below is the list of top rated educational institutions featured in the QS World University ranking 2016-2017.

Bilkent University is recognized and ranked internationally as the premier institution of higher education in Turkey. This private foundation university attracts only the brightest students and hosts 13,000 students seeking degrees in 32 undergraduate and 47 graduate programs. Computer Engineering Department offers Computer Engineering program, which includes: algorithms, artificial intelligence, big data, bioinformatics, computer architecture, computer graphics, computer networks, computer vision, data mining, data security, database systems, information retrieval, machine learning, parallel and distributed systems, performance evaluation, scientific computing, and software engineering.

Middle East Technical University (METU) is ranked 14th in the 2016 EECA rankings has the most IT programs under Faculty of Engineering. The goal of the Department of Computer Engineering is to produce and disseminate theory, principles, practice and know-how of computing in the information age, for the critical analysis, design, evaluation, and improvement of computing systems in the contexts of computers and man, computers and the society, computers and the industry and services. The program focuses on the totality of the areas of Computer Engineering such as programming languages, computer architecture, algorithms, operating systems, and other core and supporting areas.

Bogaziçi Üniversitesi was the first American university to be established outside the US. It’s rank in the EECA top 10. This university offers Computer Engineering studies. The mission of the Computer Engineering program is to graduate economically, socially and ethically conscious engineers that are equipped with the necessary analytical, mathematical, decision-making, computing, communication, teamwork and leadership skills that they can use to creatively design, implement, manage, maintain and improve a wide spectrum of computer hardware, software and information systems in the modern society.

Sabanci University is third-highest ranked university in Turkey in the EECA rankings this year, in 13th place. Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences from the Institute of Science Sciences offers Information Technology and Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Programs. The M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering at Sabanci University provides valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied in fields like computer graphics, data mining, and social media. The Master’s programme covers topics related to data structure and algorithms, theory of computation, software engineering, machine learning, and includes research and many practical exercises.

Koç University is ranked 16th in the EECA region and was named after its founder, the entrepreneur and philanthropist Vehbi Koç. College of Engineering offers Computer Engineering program. The discipline covers the general concepts of hardware and software including software engineering, computer networks, distributed and parallel computing, computer graphics, multimedia systems, embedded systems, cryptography, security, privacy, database management and information retrieval, artificial intelligence and knowledge based systems and bioinformatics. Graduate education in Computational Science and Engineering (CMSE) at Koç University is offered through an interdisciplinary program among the Departments of the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering. In this program graduate students are trained on modern computational science techniques and their applications to solve scientific and engineering problems. Computer science and engineering program aims to provide advanced education and a cutting edge research experience in computer engineering or in electrical and computer engineering crossing the boundary of the two disciplines.

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) was established in 1773, during the time of the Ottoman Sultan Mustafa III and it is the world’s third-oldest technical university dedicated to engineering sciences. Institute of Science and Technology offers Information Systems Engineering (Joint programme with SUNY) and Computer Engineering studies. Computer Engineering Department gives education and carries out research on software development, computer architecture, automatic control systems, computer networks & communication systems, artificial intelligence & robotics and computer aided design.

Bahçeşehir University (BAU) is a private educational institution in Turkey. Bahçeşehir University’s Department of Computer Engineering offers the programs in the computer sciences, engineering, and information technologies fields. Software Engineering Department offers double major and lateral branch programs in the fields of computer sciences, information technologies and software engineering. The Information Technologies program at Bahçesehir University provides curriculum modules on five different IT related specialization areas: Business Intelligence, Management Information Systems, Networks and System Administration, Software Technologies and Computer based Education Technologies

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