for business growth & facilitation services

Facilitation and consultation services to help your business grow proactively
Financial advisory


Raising funds for seed stage ventures, startups or IP owners
Equity & Debt financing
Co-Financing and Co-Founding
Alternative financing solutions
Access to the international corporates
Grants and EU funding

Sales enhancement

Business growth

Competitors analysis, strategy implementation
International trade
Outsourcing & Nearshoring
Sales strategy implementation
Customer Persona development
Matching suppliers and manufacturers
Connection with R&D centres
Buying irrelevant leads

Technology consulting

Ideas evaluation
Process digitalization
Proof of concept development
CTO services
Artificial intelligence
Cyber Security
Finding services suppliers
Attracting new talents

Regular, quality deal flow

Services for investors

"Roadshow" - matching investors in Turkey, USA and Europe
M&A opportunities
Real estate objects proposals
Confidential projects management
Project budget control, resource analysis, manipulations preventions
Scouting services
Regular, quality deal flow

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