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Our work includes

Fundraising services

We’ve been through the process multiple times; we’ve served as Advisor, Consultant, or CFO to startup clients that have successfully raised funding.

Raising funds for seed stage ventures, startups or IP owners

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1. Pre-Funding Preparation
  • Financing strategy development within the context of founder needs and objectives (who, when, how much)
2. Investor Preparedness Review
  • Pitch Feedback or development and refinement to the positioning of the company in an optimal manner.
  • Assistance with Pitch Preparation.
  • Preparation of deal book, models, and due diligence binder.
3. Investor research
  • Creation of target investor lists from our network.
  • Introductions/ referrals to matching investors and corporate partners
  • Investor outreach and networking.
  • Meeting scheduling and roadshow management.
4. Momentum strategies
  • Generation of “buzz” and momentum strategies to accelerate the funding & closing process
5. Final steps
  • Fundraising Co-ordination, Assistance with Negotiations

Market penetration

These services are oriented for new clients or companies, which do not work in any foreign market from our list.

Implementation until first results take 1-2 months.

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1. Analysis of your services, markets and matching with our network
  • Analysis of services, products, skills, advantages, processes, marketing materials, portfolio or reference items (What Will We Sell?). A general checkup of the companies capacity of production, turnover, markets where they export, etc..
  • Identification of target markets and clients.
  • Analysis of our network in the target country, to identify potential buyers (Whom will we sell to?)
2. Operational steps
  • Pricing research operations to understand what price we can get for our services. (What Will We Charge For the Product?).
  • Assistance in building marketing offer to potential customers by adjusting relevant marketing materials and providing consulting services.
  • Initiate first sales conversations and start market entry operations by using current connections in target countries
3. Introductions
  • A list of potential partners (with clear interest to buy services) will be provided to choose two of them, for the virtual/on-site meeting.
  • Introductions through our local team members with a goal to clarify references and cooperation ways.

All further communication with potential clients will be transferred to our client regardless decision to proceed with the Phase 02 or not.

Our work includes

Market Expansion

These services are oriented for new clients or companies, which have a history or tried to work in any foreign market from our list. Operations until first results take 3-6 months and for customers who worked with us before the price is 25% lower.

In addition to the Phase 01, we are delivering:

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1. Strategy & Market Entry operations
  • The value proposition and messaging outlines where and how value is perceived.
  • Communication the key use cases.
  • Documents the persona of the people in the purchase decision, describes who buys and why.
  • Develops the SWOT for the industry.
2. Go To Market & Commercialization
  • Definition of sales and development strategies.
  • Provide the competitive landscape and positioning of customers.
  • Summarizes the market trends, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Engage the existing network of connections, partners, communities to provide access to our potential buyers./span>
  • Operational actions to promote the products or services, arrange meetings with potential customers.
  • Sales strategy evaluation and adjustments to improve and build sustainable sales pipeline.
  • Local team members assignments or new team building
3. Channel Partnerships
  • Identify the compelling events that break the ice for the solution
  • Getting access to other companies through our partnership, partners.
Quality deal flow

Services for investors

Roadshow services in Europe, Turkey, US regions
Venture Scouting for M&A opportunities
Deal syndication
Portfolio and Project Management
Open Innovation
Digital Transformation
GTM partnerships

Additional services

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International bureaucracy

We can set you up a subsidiary in any EU country, Dubai, Malta, Russia and get you the right people in any part of the world in no time, or get your shipping, immigration or legal paperwork in order.

Technology Consulting

Ideas evaluation
Process digitization
Proof of concept development
CTO services
Areas: Artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality, Cyber Security, Costs efficiency, Block-chain, Human resources and more.

Localization services

Market Scan
Translation of Web-Shop Copy
Payment Methods and Trust marks
Local Address and Phone Number
Import Taxes and VAT
Customer Services
Growth Plan
And a lot more…

Business Valuation

We give you the assurance that the information underlying our business valuation estimates is as accurate and reliable as possible.

Our pricing structure & business model

A venture and business consulting engagement is typically structured as either an Advisory Board role (for “lightweight” engagements), or as an Interim CFO or Business developer Executive role (for more comprehensive, involved engagements).

Advisory Board roles are on an equity basis and the amount of slots is limited.

Interim CFO, Business developer Executive roles are structured as a negotiated combination of equity, retainer, and deferred compensation. Interim roles are often a natural extension of the relationship formed during a model and materials project or a startup consulting engagement.

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