Operations consulting

Extract and maximize value and lead you in implementing strategic plans

Operations consulting provides

the analysis and

recommendations needed

We look at how to extract value from current operations and how to go forward with new initiatives in order to meet organizational goals.

Highly individual

Baltmodus recognizes that today’s business landscape and business needs are fluid and highly individual.

  • Healthcare
  • Information technologies (IoT, AI, VR)
  • Investments
  • Consumer Goods & Services
  • Manufacture
  • Agriculture
  • Constructions
Added value
  • Nearshore operations
  • Relationships with government, universities
  • Process relocation and service centre establishment
  • Potential partnerships
Target locations
  • Central & North Europe
  • Russia
  • Scandinavia
  • East Europe
  • Turkey + The Middle East
  • Africa region
Additional services
  • Dedicated sales and marketing office
  • Import & Export solutions
  • Sales processes automation
Focuses on several key areas

Operations Consulting

Operations consulting provides the analysis and recommendations needed for the detailed implementation of the general business or organizational strategy. We look at how to extract value from current operations and how to go forward with new initiatives in order to meet organizational goals. Baltmodus recognizes that today’s business landscape and business needs are fluid and highly individual and that operations must reflect this reality.

Offer you suppliers and production partners

Suppliers and partners

We leverage our extensive network to offer you suppliers and production partners in Europe or Asia that will allow you to make your operation more efficient and more diversified.

Analyze and recommend improvements

Sales consulting and lead generation

We will analyze and recommend improvements on how the performance of your sales division can be improved. This includes all aspects of customer relationship management (CRM) and customer support – i.e. sourcing call centers and helpdesks; boosting channel management; optimisation of account management; and improving the product knowledge base of your salesforce and strategies for its maintenance and improvement.

The whole marketing pathway


Baltmodus has expertise in examining the whole marketing pathway – from market research, intelligence and product design; to category management and customer maintenance. We recognize that marketing in its larger sense is one of the foundations of operations and that obstacles often come from a disconnect between marketing and the focus of business operations. Baltmodus is here to identify these obstacles and help you fix them.

Results in numbers


Partners worldwide


EUR saved


of experience conducted
Finding potential efficiencies in sourcing

Sourcing and Procurement

Baltmodus focuses on finding potential efficiencies in sourcing and procurement of raw materials, services, ancillary goods, and outsourcing of procurement. We seek to improve both direct and indirect procurement operations and we look to create value in a number of ways including: managing supplier relationships; suggesting alternative, more effective suppliers and partners; conducting cost analyses of current and potential contracts; and finding synergies between operations and procurement needs. Baltmodus is also able to consult with clients on transitioning to a ‘greener’ procurement portfolio and reacting to changing regulatory pressures in different jurisdictions.

Expertise to business accounting and finance

CFO Services

Baltmodus brings its expertise to business accounting and finance as well through a range of CFO (from ‘chief financial officer’) services. These include managing:

  • business and banking relationships,
  • cash flow,
  • debt and associated areas,
  • mergers and acquisitions,
  • executive management reporting,
  • internal controls,
  • risk and task management activities.
Continuous improvement techniques

Business Process Management

A key area for Baltmodus’ consulting practise is Business Process Management (BMO). We view our BPM through several lenses: business process design – defining the desired end-state and modelling process flows and activities to achieve it; business process re-engineering which seeks to address inefficiencies or excess costs; and continuous improvement techniques which employ an agile approach to continuously monitoring performance and eliminating waste.



Given the global connectedness of today’s financial and business world, it makes sense that outsourcing is a key element of taking advantage of interconnectedness. While outsourcing does shift responsibility to a third party, it also increases risk as it takes some processes out of a business’ hands. At Baltmodus, we work to both identify the opportunities presented by outsourcing, and addressing the challenges and risks associated with it. As a consulting firm, we create outsourcing blueprints – mainly for back-office use – that address separate departments and business processes; and follow-up with support for transitions to these plans.

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