Increase your sales in foreign country

Market penetration services to increase sales


Why choose us?

12 years of experience

Worked in the retail, manufacturing, automotive, information technologies, healthcare industries while managing business development and revenue-generating processes.

More value

We bring more value for fewer costs than hiring new salespersons internally. And we increase the efficiency of existing ones.

Guaranteed results

Guaranteed meetings with potential customers because we analyze your business and develop an ideal buyer profile.


Helping to understand opportunities in new markets, develop pricing structure, provide consulting for logistic related issues.

Our process to help you win

This is a process of how we help to facilitate market expansion while eliminating their confusion and to deliver commitments on time.



We have a goal to understand do we are capable to achieve your needs, see your products, make a preliminary analysis.

A proposal

After a successful preliminary analysis, we will prepare a proposal with clear costs structure and deliverables like a certain amount of meetings per fixed timeline.

Ideal buyer profile

We are analyzing to make a clear picture of your services, products and understand your ideal customer persona. It includes gathering information about your business advantages, potential, challenges, goals, and flexibility.

Presentation and initiation

With the information which was prepared in previous steps, we will develop clear marketing materials (presentation, etc.). After your confirmation, we start searching for and approaching your potential customers.

Potential clients

We will provide from 2-5 potential buyers and keep clear that potential customer which will be matched with you shown a real interest to your services or products.


We are arranging an agreed amount of meetings, business trips with a potential customer which you confirmed as valid.

Numbers which guarantee results


Countries where we have locals


Average number for partners found per client


Experience in developing business relationships