Management Consulting

A broad range of services of mostly higher-level analysis.

Management consulting

covers a broad

range of services

It focuses on identifying problems, addressing them, and helping firms develop strategies to address problems in the future.

Focus on helping businesses

Find clarity in their goals and in the methods to achieve them; and on helping them implement their plans.

  • Healthcare
  • Information technologies (IoT, AI, VR)
  • Investments
  • Consumer Goods & Services
  • Manufacture
  • Agriculture
  • Constructions
Added value
  • CTO services
  • Business analysis
  • Growth strategy development & execution
  • New opportunities
  • Proof of concept development
  • Market research
  • Feasibility and visibility reports
  • Competitor analysis
Target locations
  • Central Europe
  • East Europe
  • The Middle East
  • Africa region
Added value
  • Wide experience
  • Network of connections
  • Cheaper solutions
  • Clear process
Find clarity in their goals

Management Consulting

Management consulting covers a broad range of services that focus on helping businesses and other organizations find clarity in their goals and in the methods to achieve them; and on helping them implement their plans. Often, management consulting can form a bridge between a firm’s strategy and the implementation of that strategy at the operations or functional level. In addition, management consulting can expand to addressing other areas including geographic expansion, investor relations, and more.

A comprehensive approach

A hierarchy of purposes

Baltmodus adopts a comprehensive approach to management consulting that follows a widely accepted model in bringing together a number of purposes that are typically arranged in a hierarchy:

  • Providing information to a client – this is usually the first step in the consulting process and consists of analysing current operations considering the client’s strategic goals and desired outcomes. It contrasts this information with experience in the industry.
  • Problem-solving – addressing identified problems, defining the desired outcome, and making actionable recommendations on solving them at the initial level.
  • Diagnosing underlying issues – this means addressing the root causes of problems. At this stage, it is often necessary to redefine the problem and look at it in a broader sense.
  • Making recommendations – addressing the root causes of the problem.
  • Assisting with implementation – Some businesses need consultants to help with implementation, supervise the implementation process, and measure success.
  • Build consensus and commitment – the corrective action needs to be adopted in practice and become part of the structure and processes of the organization in order to mitigate further problems arising from the same root cause.
  • Facilitate learning – this involves teaching clients how to resolve similar issues in the future, to install processes that can address similar problems and become more robust.
  • Permanently improve organizational effectiveness – help clients apply the same problem-solving process across disciplines and business areas, facilitate high-level planning.

Not all purposes or services of our management consulting are applicable to all businesses or organizations. Most benefit from the first four while the last four are often implicit in the process. Our solutions are tailored to specific needs and navigate the area between strategy, function, and operations.

A broad arsenal of solutions

Specific services and solutions

Baltmodus has a broad arsenal of solutions for businesses from a management consulting perspective. Our assignments vary and can consist of improving business efficiency, optimising the supply chain, advising on talent and hiring, implementation of IT systems and software, assisting with growth and transitional strategies, and outsourcing of non-core tasks to improve efficiency and focus on core business strengths. We can also identify new areas for business growth or cost reduction and bring these all together in an overall strategy aimed at increasing value for a business and its shareholders.

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