The three biggest ICT companies in Turkey

The three biggest ICT companies

The three biggest ICT companies in Turkey are Turk Telekomunikasyon, Turkcell Iletism and Foxconn TR Teknoloji. Türk Telekom, a former state-owned company, is the biggest entity in the Turkish telecommunications market. In the table below the largest ICT companies in Turkey are presented.

Key Vendors

Key vendors active in Turkish ICT sector are: HP, IBM, KocSistem Bilgi ve IletiSim Hizmetleri Oracle, Turkcell Telecom, Turk Telecom, Vodafone Turkey and others.

After the launch of the Android market in 2011, sales in Android OS handsets greatly increased along with the general increase in the percentage of mobile phone users. Android paved the way for the development of applications and this is expected to grow even further with funding and private investment for entrepreneurs in Turkey.

Penetration ratio of 91.3% by 2017

After Turkcell, Turk Telekom and Vodafone were awarded licenses for 3G in 2008, the 3G market has rapidly evolved over recent years and will reach a penetration ratio of 91.3% by 2017. Today, 3G plus is used by mobile phone users. LTE licenses have been given to companies and 4.5G (LTE) technology started to be used in the Turkish market in April 2016. The total number of 4.5G users is 51.7 million. As a result of 4.5G deployment in Turkey, m-commerce, mobile broadband, mobile banking services and mobile television services increased, creating favorable business opportunities for investors.

Leading Sub-Sectors:

  • Cybersecurity solutions;
  • Cyber Forensic solutions;
  • Consumer electronics;
  • 5G-related technologies and services;
  • Fibre optic solutions;
  • Notebook PCs;
  • Audio-visual equipment;
  • Wireless equipment and services;
  • Internet Protocol Television (IPTV); and

Investments total value - $4 billion

The three GSM cellular operators, Turkcell, Vodafone, and former AVEA, and the fixed line operator Turk Telekom invested in equipment and services at a total value of $4 billion to expand their services. With the introduction of 3G, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), online services, content and media services, E- business, personalized services, music download, games, multi-play, video services, and other mobile entertainment, this segment has been developing rapidly, creating new business areas and revenues.

This attractive consumer electronics trend has lured many international and national electronic retail supermarkets to establish a presence in the market. German MediaMarkt, British Electro World, Turkish Teknosa, Vatanbilgisayar and Gold Bilgisayar have been competing for a number of years in Turkey.

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