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Setup a business

In order to set up a business in the ICT sector in Turkey implies respecting the provisions of the Electronic Communications and the Internet Laws.

Once registered

Once the company is registered, it must apply for the right license with the Turkish Information and Communication Technologies Authority.

The Regulation on Tariffs Act

'Not Free' ranking

An IT company in Turkey can offer various services or can develop software intended for sale. No matter the services or products an IT company will provide, respectively create, its activities will imply using an Internet connection which will require an authorization from the Information and Communication Technologies Authority. Turkish IT companies must comply with the Regulation on Tariffs Act which provides for the prices these company must practice.

Internet in Turkey holds a ‘Not Free’ ranking in Freedom House’s index. The Turkish government has constantly blocked websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and as of May 2017, Wikipedia is currently inaccessible. According to Twitter’s transparency report, Turkey leads in social media censorship. Turkey implements protectionist policies to stimulate the local internet technology industry and enforce data retention: In 2016 payment gateway PayPal was forced to cease most of its operations in the country. This creates huge uncertainties for start-ups in Turkey. In January 2017 the government unveiled plans to build a domestic web search engine and webmail service.

Internet Entrepreneurship in Turkey, also called “Digital Bosphorus” has reached several exits in last years. The biggest three of them have been Yemeksepeti, Gittigidiyor and Markafoni. According to Sina Afra, the potential of the Turkish Internet market is bigger than in many other European countries.

Common barriers blocking from moving forward

  • 33% People. We do not have enough people with the right
  • 28% Legacy Systems. We have legacy systems to support, which consumes our
  • 23% Culture. We do not have an innovative, risk-taking
  • 9% Partnerships. Our LoB peers do not perceive us as adding value in
  • 5% Leadership. Our leadership does not have the right
  • 2% Incentive Systems. Our current evaluation system does not incentivize us on

Despite all difficulties, there are many opportunities to attract finances for starting a new business in ICT sector in Turkey

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