Services for investors

Matching VCs, investment funds, individuals and syndicates with new businesses

Our services for investors

bring experience and network

to bear in matching

We operate across a range of industries with a focus on technology and high growth areas.

Focus on matching investors

We cover all aspects of investment activities from generating leads and access to important networks

  • Nano
  • Biotechnology
  • Fintech
  • Mobile
  • Big Data & Business Intelligence
  • Healthcare
  • Information technologies (IoT, AI, VR)
  • Investments
  • Consumer Goods & Services
  • Manufacture
  • Agriculture
  • Constructions
Added value
  • Develop a pilot project from A to Z
  • Use fast market entry processes
  • Understand and minimise initial risks
  • Network and access to institutions
  • Technology scouting
  • Relationships with accelerators
  • Project manager functions
Target locations
  • Central Europe
  • East Europe
  • The Middle East
  • Africa region
Access to important networks

Services for Investors

Baltmodus investor services focus on matching investors with businesses and investment opportunities with potential for high growth, and that is a good fit for the investors’ expertise and area of involvement. We cover all aspects of investment activities from generating leads and access to important networks; to finding board members, other professionals, and consulting on marketing activities and public relations.

Access to new business opportunities

New business ventures and opportunities

A key to Baltmodus’ success is its network that provides access to new business opportunities, businesses that are looking for investment in order to grow proven models and expand, and to other partners who are looking to pool resources and expertise in order to maximize investment value and mitigate risk. In addition to matching new businesses and projects, we are also able to identify new income streams and possibilities for new products or expansion into new markets.

We maintain relationships with accelerators in the CEE and in the Middle. Other relationships are behind closed doors and not readily accessible in general – our contacts allow us to leverage these relationships for opportunities otherwise not widely accessible.

Due diligence and identify areas of concern

Screening and due diligence

As a consultancy, we provide screening and due diligence advise and services. These can either be primary or form a second opinion and confirm clients’ due diligence and identify areas of concern. Because we have experience across a wide range of industries, we are well positioned to assess business viability and know where to look for potential obstacles. Our analyses are thorough but also actionable and allow our clients to ask the right questions to make sound investment decisions and keep their investment safe while maximizing returns.

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worldwide projects per month


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We assist in a number of areas

Consulting on talent, marketing, regulation, and public relations

The tasks facing investors or investor groups are diverse and we assist in a number of areas. We also point out areas that are neglected and that can come back and negatively affect investors. Some areas we focus on are:
Talent – we can recommend board members or talent for the management team,
Marketing – we will help form a marketing plan to give focus to ongoing investment activities,
Regulation – we have experience across a number of jurisdictions and industries and can bring that experience to bear on your activities,
Public relations – we can help develop an overall public relations plan to increase your visibility or mitigate negative perceptions; we can also help with the specifics of implementing this plan across different jurisdictions and for different shareholders.

Contact us to discuss your needs and explore the possibilities Baltmodus has to offer. All our services are offered in strict confidentiality and we understand the sometimes-sensitive nature of the industry.
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