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Either acquiring donations

or soliciting funds.

Fundraising can refer to either acquiring donations for non-profit organizations or to the process of soliciting funds for a business, typically a startup and typically early in its trajectory.

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This page focuses on this second meaning, even though Baltmodus also has the experience and the network help with non-profits as well.

Raising capital
  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Startups
  • Personal projects
  • Farmers
  • EU Funds
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  • Manufacturers
  • Collaboration
  • Added value
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  • Africa region
Main challenges facing most startups

Overview of fundraising

Raising capital is one of the main challenges facing most startups. Often, startups are funded at the outset by their founders, but as they gain momentum additional funding is key to reaching profitability and maintaining that success.
Typically, capital in these stages comes from several sources including associates and family of founders, angel investors and angel groups, venture capitalists (VCs), and other syndicates, and through borrowing. Access to these groups depends on one’s network and contacts. Just as important is the ability to craft persuasive narratives backed by solid information and marketing insight in order to convince potential investors.
In addition to gauging the investment market and finding potential investors, there are other hurdles such as deciding on a compensation structure and identifying other, less-tangible benefits and drawbacks brought to the table by potential investors such as expected oversight, involvement, and accountability.

Capital raising consulting

Our approach

We provide capital raising consulting on transparent and simple terms. In our capital raising campaign we identify, evaluate, and approach investors on behalf of our clients; negotiate deals; and craft term sheets, equity structuring, compensation schemes, and other considerations.
Each campaign or fundraising initiative is tailor-made to each and every client depending on the individual situation and individual needs. For example, one client will need a small, simple, but quick investment to kickstart an idea, while another will be looking for a larger source of funding with more involved compensation schemes or equity sharing deals. Clients also have differing needs and preferences for debt vs. equity sharing and are also looking for different levels of input from investors and partners.

Our extensive network and experience

The Baltmodus network and experience

An integral part of our fundraising is our extensive network and experience. Our partners have more than 25 years of experience combined in family firms, venture capital, and banking; and our network covers a large geographic area as well. We are also aware of the different rules in different areas and we are able to help clients navigate these rules and find the best partners for their projects.
Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help you with the complex, but ultimately necessary, task of financing your business or organization.

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