We have been through the process multiple times.

Fundraising services

Raising funds for seed and A stage ventures, or IP owners

Fundraising process

Pre-Funding preparation

Financing strategy development within the context of founder needs and objectives (who, when, how much and etc.)


Pitch Feedback or development and refinement to the positioning of the company in an optimal manner.
Assistance with Pitch Preparation.
Preparation of deal book, models, and due diligence activity.
Financial forecast preparation or doublechecking.

Identify investor and introductions

Creation of target investor lists from our network.
Introductions/ referrals to matching investors and corporate partners
Investor outreach and networking.
Meeting scheduling and roadshow management.

Consulting and Momentum Strategies

Generation of "buzz" and momentum strategies to accelerate the funding & closing process

Numbers which guarantee results


Countries where we have investors


Average number for investors introduced per client


Experience in developing business relationships