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These implemented projects allows you to look at our experience, to understand where we were most talented with both large and small business growth cases, helping them to go through every challenge.

Fundraising for designers store
Funded – $1.6m

The company’s core operations involve the hosting of temporary flash sales lasting three to five days. The flash sales include only designer label menswear, womenswear, kidswear, shoes and accessories and cosmetics.

  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Task: Feasibility Study, market analysis, economic development forecasts, financial projections, valuation and fundraising.
  • Date: April 2018

China/German manufacturer entered Lithuania
Kitchenware products

We have started cooperation from Latvia wholesaler, worked on team building and best practice implementation. Our hard work paid off when we matched manufacturer with one of the biggest Lithuania wholesalers.

Investor to MEP Company
Funded - $7.5m

The company’s core business is in the construction business. It operates in: Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (Engineering).

  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Task: Feasibility Study including market analysis, economic development forecasts, financial projections, valuation and fundraising
  • Date: May 2018

IT Company
Feasibility Study including market analysis

A private company is to be formed and incorporated in the city of Moncton, NB with the purpose of outsourcing and providing world-class services in the area of disruptive innovation- Cloud and Virtualization.

  • Location: New Brunswick, Canada
  • Task: Feasibility Study including market analysis, economic development forecasts and financial projections
  • Date: December 2018

Investors matching with Venture Capital Fund
Compiling data, market analysis

A venture capital fund focused on investing in early-stage businesses that use innovative technology to solve challenges, create opportunities or disrupt conventional business models in the consumer internet sector.

  • Location: Europe
  • Task: Compiling data, market analysis, economic development forecasts, financial projections and valuation

Mobile Application
Funded $1.5m

The operation is to be focused upon providing an integrated platform for digital travel & tourism services spread across 4 specialized sections which complement each other in a number of areas.

  • Location: Germany, Italy
  • Task: Feasibility Study including market analysis, economic development forecasts, financial projections, valuation and fundraising
  • Date: July 2018

Outsourcing solution for Sweden market

Helped to find, sort the best construction companies in Lithuania for the Sweden based company, which was developing innovative winter gardens idea.

Business penetration from Italy to Russia

We have helped to an Italy based agro-machinery spare parts manufacturer to enter the Russian market. We have developed the whole business strategy, solved legal issues and business processes. The company is ess processes. The company is successfully growing and expanding its business.

Wheat traders in Russia was matched with EU/Asia based partner
Commodities trading business

Matched wheat traders in Russia with EU/Asia based partner

Talents acquisition from Turkey to Austria
Human resources

Helped to find and sort best talents for technologies and electrical engineering studies for one company in Austria and another one in Lithuania.

Market entrance to Africa
Fish feeds and related products export to Africa

We have helped for a Lithuania based company to scout and explore opportunities in African countries and, understand the potential. We have found partners, built a sales team and at the same time while working in different countries.

Fundraising services for Fashion mobile app
Amount to raise 2.8 EUR

We facilitated fundraising services for Qatar based startup while the needed amount was 2.8M $ EUR.

More projects

We have finished much more projects than listed here, but because of fully confidential agreements, we are not able to bring them to the public. We will share details of the concept, best practice and more during our private conversation after signing NDNCA.

Who are our clients, how we can help them and where?

Who To Whom and How we are able to help
  • – Business owners, developers – by analysis analyzing of inner company processes, clarifying the main problems (not the consequences ) and building a strategy for new goals, execution. Bringing opportunities to raise funds and close exceptional deals from our network.
  • – Investors & Funds – quality deal flow in different industries, additional investors for various projects or funds by arranging”roadshows” inside and outside our networks. Projects management, resource usage and due diligence activity in a confidential way.
  • – Sales managers- bringing sales opportunities, lead generation around various domains in foreign markets, growth marketing solutions
  • – Procurement specialists – by finding better suppliers, manufacturers and outsourcing or nearshoring opportunities
  • – Manufacturers – bringing new raw material suppliers
  • – Accelerators – ideas evaluation and related consulting based on pro-bono participation
  • – Technologies buyers – in addition to services for accelerators we are able to choose the right services supplier, manage a project on our client behalf and even take responsibility for it.
  • – Buying leads, projects which are irrelevant for our customers [More info]
  • Europe (Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Spain)
  • Scandinavia
  • Baltic states
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Belarus
  • Canada
  • South America
  • US
  • Turkey
  • Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt)
  • Balkans (Macedonia, Albania)
  • The Middle East and Asia

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