About us

Business growth

and fundraising experts

Our experienced team and a vast network of partnerships, investors and other connections allow us to succeed in Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Africa and the Middle East.

A strong partnership

is an indispensable tool

when you want to grow fast

We provide profesed on our team experience. Trustworthy relationships in our focus markets helps us to offer a valid facilitating process.

Business developers
  • Competitors analysis
  • International trade
  • Outsourcing & Nearshoring
  • Sales strategy implementation
  • Matching suppliers and manufacturers
Technology buyers
  • Process digitalization
  • Consulting:
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Attracting new talents
Fund seekers
  • Equity & Debt financing
  • Private investor matching
  • Co-Financing and Co-Founding
  • Grant and EU funding
  • Roadshow meetings
  • M&A offers
  • Real Estate objects
  • Confidential Projects Management
  • Auditing


Experienced in business facilitation in retail, technology and fundraising

Tomas B


Andres M

Sales Consultant

David H


Jose M.

Netherlands, Belgium

Georgiev V

Norway, Bulgariai and Canada

Anthony B.

Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana

Alina S.

Romain, Spain

Mateusz L.

UAE, Austria, Sweden

Panagiotis C


Simona T.


Patrick G.

Estonia, Germany

Results increases Baltmodus
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Become our advisor

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We are looking for visionary and brave people with a passion for business development, startups and entrepreneurship in different countries worldwide.

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Baltmodus is focused on filling its role as a reputable global advisory firm, recognized in developing partnerships that consistently exceed our client's expectations. Most of us are working remotely in different countries, join us if independency lets you deliver more.

Business developer for Russian market
Business developer for Sweden
Sales manager for IT solutions (EU, Scandinavia markets)

Got a question?

Please pick a topic which more familiar with your questions write us. We will come back in next 24 hours.

How do I benefit?

  • Unique solutions that reflect the circumstances and aspirations of the client
  • Speed, because the consultancy team (unlike the in-house management) isn’t distracted by other tasks
  • Knowledge of best practice and effective solutions from within the client’s industrial/commercial sector
  • Exposure to expertise derived from other industries and sectors
  • Provision of specific technical skills
  • Change management skills enhanced by the consultant’s position as independent and objective
  • The luxury of having time to plan

What a deliverable for each of service?

Market penetration services

  1. Ideal buyer profile
  2. A short and effective market research from the similar users, buyers
  3. Meeting with potential customers
  4. Consulting services
  5. A freedom to negotiate with a buyer directly

Fundraising services

  • Pre-funding preparation
  • Investor matching and introductions (Only interested to work with you)
  • Co-Founding opportunities
  • Company forecasts review and advices from our CFO

What are the first questions when raising funds?

1. What is the owners’ preferences in terms of investors? (Country, geography, profile…)
2. What are the owner’s vision and the development strategy for the business? (Steps of development and growth)
3. How does the owner see the cooperation with the potential investors?
4. Would the new investors play a role in operation management?
5. Would the owner accept debt financing?
6. What is the realistic ROI?
7. What is the worst-case scenario for the investors?

What is your business model?

We are making business by facilitating a lot of processes and charging our clients with one time fixed fee divided
to milestones which depend on work hours needed to reach their goals. In most cases, in addition to the fixed
fee, we add commissions from every successful deal with the potential customer which we brought.
For more questions, please arrange a call with us.

What are your guarantees?

  1. We are making pre-analysis and proceed when we have a real potential to deliver results (for both services). Before signing a contract we can provide description of potential customer or investor.
  2. We have refund policy in place, but it wasn’t never used.

Do you work commission basis only?

No, we are providing a clear value in exchange of money. We believe that paying and receiving money brings commitment for partners.