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Here at Baltmodus, we are leading industry experts and professionals ready to take your business to the next level. We understand the need to create meaningful partnerships across industries in order for you to build and achieve your goals. That is why we put our experience to work, connecting with leading global partners across a number of international verticals. This allows us to match companies with the right startups and investors to fuel growth and learn from each other’s experience.

We focus on creating value for you and your business, your partners, and for clients, consumers, and society at large by leveraging reliable connections in international markets.

We love challenges. Our focus is to solve problems, set trends, and continuously learn and improve so that we can become better and stronger in every field. Take a closer look at the experience and insights we have gained from past projects.

What is our goal?
  • Consulting and representation contracts with special companies
  • Bring new team members, ambassadors, partners on board
  • Become the member of boards in promising companies
  • Establishment of joint businesses
What is our focus?
  • Outsourcing people and companies for manufacturers, software companies and other entities
  • Raising funds for startups and companies
  • Helping to enter new markets by commercializing ideas, finding partners, preparing business processes and bureaucracy
  • Project management and consulting services, EU funding programme

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Ideas with Technology

Our European-based team of business development consultants stays ahead of the curve by keeping up with developments in technology and business and making your challenges our own. We stay on top of emerging technologies and continuously innovate new techniques and tools to maximize them and utilize them to address changing situations and to solve problems.
We match the best talent with the best companies; managing new opportunities in Europe, the Middle East and further abroad; finding investors for startups; organizing training; and consulting on best practices to grow and overcome challenges.
Our clients are located around the globe and across several continents and our experience reflects this.

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International business

Our company was established 3 years ago as a consulting business across the information technology and IoT fields, the manufacturing industry, and the service sector where we have (also from previous projects) more than 7 years of experience in business development and sales.

We have strong connections and relationships with companies and startups in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and with government institutions, and investors.

We search, adjust, and provide the best investment opportunities from the Baltics to the Middle East region in countries such as Egypt, Dubai, and others.







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